The Shadowman was the main antagonist in the episode of the same name.


In the 1960s, brothers Tom and Tim Yancey of Lake Worth, Florida become the target of the Shadowman while playing in the woods surrounding their home one afternoon; Tom gets an eerie feeling of being watched, and Tim is chased by an unseen being that jumps down from a tree. Their parents dismiss their stories, claiming it was just an animal that they disturbed, but the brothers are adamant that it was "a monster".

That night, while Tom is asleep, Tim notices a dark shadow move past the bedroom window. When he investigates, he sees a black human figure pointing at him in the yard. He screams in terror, and their father, a Korean War veteran suffering from PTSD, rushes into the room. Tim says that a man is in the yard, but when their father goes outside to check, he finds nothing and berates the brothers.

The situation worsens; Tom begins to sleepwalk during the night and every time, he wakes up beside the lake in the woods where they first encountered the Shadowman. The entity eventually makes its way into their home, and torments Tim by conjuring insects and dropping them on him while he sleeps. Desperate to find out what is going on, their mother attempts to use a ouija board to contact the entity, however she only makes things escalate. It appears in the brothers' room one night crawling along the wall, and eventually it attacks Tim, clawing at his ribcage and throwing him into a door, breaking both his collar bones. The father has enough and concludes that the boys are acting out, calling their so-called "ghost" the boogeyman and explaining that it has come for them because they've been bad kids.

On the night of Christmas Eve, the brothers sneak downstairs to look at their presents. They suddenly hear commotion coming from upstairs, and the Nativity set on the fireplace begins to shake violently, causing the ornament of baby Jesus to fall to the floor and shatter to pieces. The noise wakens their father, who storms downstairs and yet again becomes enraged. He throws the brothers out into the woods as punishment, where they become tormented by the Shadowman for hours before their mother comes to their aid.

Tom and Tim are victims of the Shadowman for their entire childhood. They each move out when they are of age, and never see each other again for close to 40 years. They finally reunite when their parents pass away, and Tim, who is now a paranormal investigator, expresses desire to cleanse the house and move back in with his wife and kids. Tom is reluctant but agrees. After a minor blessing of the home, the demonic entity is banished. Tim and his family move in, and they continue to live there peacefully.


He was a large human-shaped shadow figure with red eyes. 


It was sadistic and playful, preferring to toy with the Yancey boys through frightening encounters and envoking the wrath of their father, over physical violence. This was most likely so it could increase the negative energy in the house and feed off of it. 



  • Emotion Manipulation
  • Intangibility
  • Invisibility
  • Wall Crawling


  • Mind Control
  • Object Creation
  • Telekinesis


  • Shadow people are believed to be the presence of a spirit or other entity
  • The brothers believe the demon was conjured by the negative energy in their home, caused by constant fear and anger instilled by their abusive father.
  • Since both demons and spirits can appear as shadow figures, It's unknown if the shadow was its true form.