The Friend In The Basement is the demonic entity and antagonist of the episode "Nightmare in Bridgeport".



The demon's initial appearance; a sinister-looking man.

In the 1960s, young Bob Baker grows up in a Bridgeport home with his mother, father and older sister. The home was allegedly built over the burial site of two murder victims in the late 19th century. Early in his childhood, Bob meets an "invisible friend" that is seemingly benign, but he soon becomes tormented by the unseen presence that grows more sinister and tries to make him harm others, attacking or scaring him when he refuses. At night, he begins to experience frighteningly realistic nightmares and his family suspect that he may be suffering from an illness. After receiving a medical checkup, he is given the all-clear.


The demon as it appears in the basement.

Bob eventually has enough of the entity tormenting his life, and confronts it in the basement. It appears to him as a man in a dark robe with shark-like teeth and pale skin. It constantly motions Bob with its hand to come closer, however Bob tells it to leave the house and throws an empty jam jar at it. It disappears, never returning for the remainder of his life in the home.

40 years later, Bob's father passes away and his mother is left alone in the house. Possibly triggered by his father's passing, the demonic entity comes back and begins to prey on Bob's mother. Frightened, she calls Bob, who is now a child welfare specialist and paranormal investigator. Bob comes face-to-face with the demon that tormented him as a child, and experiences the fear that he did all those years ago. He returns with his team, planning on ridding the house of the entity. Despite several attempts to do so over the course of many days, including blessings and rituals, the demon proves to be much too powerful, and grows more agitated and stronger each time it is "banished". Bob moves his mother out of the house, and it remains abandoned to this day.


  • According to the real Bob Baker, the entity in the basement was just one of the many forms it had taken. He reports also seeing an inhuman, troll-like creature that peered at him from his bedroom doorway and smiled at him evilly. This encounter among many others is not shown in the episode due to time constraints.
  • In reality, Bob managed to rid the home of the demon by shrouding it in incense and leaving a 24-hour tape of church bells playing on a loop. Despite this, his mother was too afraid to return.