The Beast is the demonic entity and antagonist of the episode "Where Demons Dwell".


When couple Arny Johnson and Debby Glatzel move into a new home in

The Beast as it appears to Arny

Western Conneticut, Debby's brother, David, sees the spirit of an old man in one of the bedrooms as he helps them unpack. Frightened of the man, he stays outside and refuses to go back into the home. Arny and Debby find David preposterous, thinking he is just experiencing anxiety from the move. However, it turns out that the old man was just a manifestation of a demon, which warns David that it will "turn into The Beast" after he tells his mother, Arny and Debby about seeing him. The demon torments David on a daily basis, and eventually makes itself known to the rest of the family after Debby sarcastically challenges it. The family contacts Ed and Lorraine Warren, who conduct an interview with David and conclude that the entity has possessed him. They arrange for David to receive an exorcism, however it will take some time to get the church involved.

The entity begins targeting the rest of the family; in particular Arny. After David tells Arny that the demon lurks behind the home at an old well, Arny investigates and sees the demon in its full form: A devil-like being with horns and dark eyes. He comes under brief possession and even loses control of his truck, which speeds towards a tree without his comandeering and abruptly stops just before it can crash. The demon calls upon more entities to torment David, which physically attack and possess him.

Eventually, the church becomes involved and an exorcism is undergone to rid David of the demonic forces possessing him. The exorcism lasts the entire day, during which David briefly dies and comes back to life. The Beast is exorcised, as well as each and every other demon it called upon to possess David.


  • In reality, The Beast was not actually banished back to hell. It left David and harbored itself in Arny, who came under demonic possession several months later and murdered his landlord. This became the infamous Demon Murder Trial of 1981.