The Apartment is the 4th Episode of Season 4 of A Haunting

Synopsis Edit

Bill and Myrisa Spencer, a young married couple going to college in Seattle, find what seems to be an ideal apartment. It's in a perfect location and has been newly renovated. The one odd thing is that the previous tenant left suddenly and mysteriously. Soon the couple finds that, whatever the previous tenant's reasons for making a hasty exit, they have a frightening reason of their own. The apartment seems to be haunted. They see the ghost of a panicking teenage boy with blood dripping down his face. To make matters worst another more darker figure of a gunman appears and flicks a lit cigarette at Bill, burning him. The couple calls in Shannon Stidman from the Washington Ghost Society. Stidman, with the assistance of the psychic Lois Lee, visits the apartment and finds something more horrifying than anything she has seen before. It's revealed that that a teenage boy who was trying desperately trying to get out of the bathroom window, but was murdered in a drug related crime by a rival gang leader. The couple later moves out of the apartment, and Bill later graduates from college in 2007.

Cast Edit

  • Bill Spencer- as himself (interviews)
  • Myrisa Spencer as herself
  • Anthony Call- as himself- (Narrator)
  • Chona Pedralvez- as Myrisa Spencer
  • Kevin Stidhman- as Bill Spencer
  • Lois Lee- as Herself (interviews)
  • Shannon Stidman- as herself paranormal investigator
  • Elisabeth Daley- as Shannon Stidman