Seth is the demonic entity and antagonist of the episode "Where Evil Lurks".



Seth's face

When the Shea family move into their new Arkansas home, they find one of the bedrooms covered in pentagrams and ritual paraphernalia. Dismissing it as previous owners who were just messing around, they settle into the home. Life goes without incident in the home for several months, until the children begin experiencing unexplainable events, such as toys moving around by themselves. The parents also hear noises throughout the home that they originally believe is caused by the its age, but after Jamie, the mother, finds out from a previous owner that the home is in fact haunted by the ghost of a little boy, they start to worry if they might come under harm.

Activity escalates; while working at home one night, Jamie catches a brief glimpse of a dark entity standing behind her through the reflection of the computer monitor, and before driving to school one morning, she and her daughter, Torey, feel an oppressive and evil presence over them. During the drive, they are involved in a serious car crash that cripples Torey for several months. Jamie believes the negative presence that was looming over them that day had something to do with it.

Eventually, after lights flicker and furniture shakes uncontrollably one night in the home, the family call in a team of paranormal investigators. They find that the home is inhabited by a powerful demon that had been conjured by the Satanic rituals undertaken by previous owners. Through a ouija board, they learn that the entity calls itself Seth. They also capture it in physical form on tape. The team begins to bless the home and after a tough battle, Seth is finally banished. Some months later, the Shea family are forced to leave after another demonic entity inhabits the home in place of Seth.


  • Demons are said to be very protective of their names and they outright refuse to tell them to anyone, as it allows them to be targeted directly in the event of an exorcism. "Seth" is likely a mocking alias used by the demon, or an Anglicised version of its true Latin name.