House of the Dead is the 8th episode of the 2nd Season.

Plot Edit

In 2002 Bill Bean shares his paranormal experiences on a popular radio talk show. The year is 1970 the Bean Family buy a house outside of Baltimore Maryland. Shortly after moving in, the family begins to experience unexplained paranormal activities, one particular incident involved Bill 7 at the time hearing heavy footsteps on the roof, which the family dismisses. Patricia Bean soon begins to think the house is haunted after the bathroom sink turns on by itself causing it to overflow while she was talking to her mother. George becomes becoming hostile, and develops a drinking problem, and goes out and doesn't come back for days, until one day, he goes out and never comes back. Patty Bean marries her boyfriend at the age of 16 as a way of getting out of the house. One night Patricia is attacked by a spirit, and begins sleeping with her two sons, Billy senses that her mother was experiencing paranormal activity. A more severe incident involving Patricia being hospitalized after having a mild stroke which was likely caused by the spirits. Patricia eventually starts to begin a new relationship with a man Richard Tyson, who also begins to experience paranormal activity after seeing the spirit of a lady with long blonde hair in night gown. The family later has a Roman Catholic Priest perform a blessing of the home, in a attempt to get rid of the spirits, the family is given a bottle of holy water as well. Shortly after the blessing the family is violently attacked by unseen spirits, and young Billy attempts to rid the house of spirits but his attempts fail, and the family finally leaves the house that same day. 10 months after moving out Patricia passes away. A local retired police officer John Romaine who listened to the talk show, and contacts Bill Bean in 2002 having information regarding the haunting, who also had similar paranormal incidents. He shares with Bill that their house was built on the site of a rifle range back between the 1860's- 1900's, and stated that rifles were known to backfire causing serious injuries. He also adds that the heavy footsteps Bill heard was that of a soldier named Edward Zipprian who was badly injured and died years later an angry man who haunted the house, Romaine also shows Bean a pair of old heavy combat boots that the soldiers wore at the time. This brings Bean some new information of the haunting.

Cast Edit

  • Bill Bean- Himself
  • Patty Bean- Herself
  • Anthony Call- Himself (Narrator)
  • Richard Tyson- Himself
  • John Auer- Himself- Roman Catholic Priest (As John Auer)
  • Jessica Hutson- as Patty Bean
  • Terry Jernigan- Richard Tyson

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Edward Zipprian, responsible for attacking Patricia Bean

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first of two episodes that Bill Bean appears in of A Haunting
  • Bill Bean is now a World Acclaimed Exorcist, Spiritual Warfare Minister, and Life Coach, his link is below

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