After a beautiful teenage girl attracts the attention of an unknown presence, she becomes the target of his advances, wreaking havoc on her and her family's once idyllic lives.

Plot Edit

In New Haven, Connecticut, Macy Sherman is an all-American teenager who experiences a haunting in 2014 when she turns seventeen. On the night of her birthday, Macy meets up with friends in the woods near the water tower and learns of a teenage boy who fell off the tower and died twenty five years earlier. Her boyfriend Nigel however suggests that the accident was actually a murder and he was pushed. She leaves early at her mom's request and finds herself followed by something and runs all the way home. The spirit of the teenage boy latches itself onto her. The next day, she finds her brush missing after she sets it down. Carrie hears some one walking up the stairs and no one responds and finds the mirror had fallen off the wall but it wasn't broken. Macy comes home from school and hears laughter, assuming it's Kelsey. She finds her hair brush in the corner of her closet and starts to think a ghost was there. She goes into the garage and thinks she saw her father in the garage but finds him in the house. They go out to investigate and see no one. Macy goes to stay with friends to stay out of the house, often leaving Kelsey alone while their parents were out. Kelsey's radio skips and hears footsteps downstairs. She finds the piano playing by itself. Carrie comes in and sees this too. The girls and Carrie have a meeting about their experiences. That night, the teenage spirit takes the form of Mike and gets in bed with Carrie. She finds him gone and calls Mike and is surprised to learn he was still in New Jersey. The Sherman's call on paranormal investigator Kurt Knapp and psychic Karen Hollis to seek the house out for the spirit. Karen senses the spirit in Macy's room. The ghost reveals himself to be Shawn and sends Karen a vision of him and another boy climbing the water towel while he was alive and drinking alcohol. The other boy slips and falls to his death. Carrie knew Shawn]] back when she was in high school and attended school with him. Shawn felt guilty over his friend's death and possibly killed himself. He latched onto Macy feeling as though she was his mother, who he knew. Kurt told the family to make him feel welcome as he was probably looking for a family and cross over when he was at peace.

Cast Edit

  • Olivia Anjenette as Charlotte
  • Bill Brock as Mike
  • Hunter Foretich as Shawn
  • Christian Grech as Teenager 1
  • Jake Kantor as Nigel
  • Kurt Knapp as Himself
  • Sheri Lahris as Karen Hollis
  • Amy Maddox as Macy
  • Anita Salley as Teenager 2
  • Hannah Vickery as Kelsey
  • Austin Zajur as Blair
  • Macy Sherman as Herself (In Interviews)
  • Carrie Sherman as Herself (In Interviews)