Frank is the demonic entity and antagonist of the episode "The Diabolical".


The Potter family have lived in their Hudson Valley home for many years,

Frank as he appears in Marie's nightmares

frequently experiencing paranormal activity due to Julie, the oldest child, who has celebral palsy and is sensitive to the spirit world. Marie, the mother, always assumed that the spirits Julie was communicating with were angels, however, when Marie and her boyfriend Chris use a ouija board to attempt to contact the spirits, they inadvertently contact a demon, who first begins masquerading as Chris' son from a previous marriage who had passed away, and then assumes the name "Frank" and expresses interest in possessing Julie. Furniture in the home begins to shake and lights flicker on and off. Chris burns the ouija board, hoping it will close the door to the entity.

Despite burning the ouija board, Frank begins to torment the family. He manipulates Marie's nightmares and appears in them as a man in a black suit, telling her she cannot do anything to protect Julie. He also briefly possesses Chris and scares the youngest child, Paul, who claims a face came through his bedroom wall and stared at him. The family contacts a paranormal investigator, who asks them as proof to pour talcum powder on the floor of the basement in hopes that the spirit may leave some kind of trail or message on it. Upon investigating the talcum powder the next day, the investigator is shocked to find that her daughter's name is written on it. She leaves the house in fear for her family and tells the Potters she cannot help them.

The family ends up contacting paranormal investigator Dave Considine and his team, who come to the house to investigate. A while into the investigation, they experience signs of demonic infestation, including ectoplasm and physical attack. A psychic medium confirms the existence of a demon in the home, who is using Julie as a gateway and is bent on possessing her. With the evidence they gather, the team contacts the Catholic Church for assistance. Some time following the investigation, a priest comes to the home to perform a blessing. During the blessing, Frank possesses Julie and lashes out violently. Eventually, the blessing is completed and three loud bangs are heard throughout the house as Frank is banished.

After Frank is banished, the family move out of their home as it harbors too many bad memories. They state that Julie is still sensitive to the spirit world, and demonic entities have since attempted to torment them in place of Frank to this day.