Edward Zipprian is the main antagonist who terrorized the Bean Family during Bill Bean's Childhood.


Edward Zipprian

Description Edit

Not Much is known about Edward Zipprian, except that he served in the war during the 1900's and was badly injured in 1904, he later died years later as a bitter, and angry man. Shortly after the Bean family moved into their house, Bill Bean reported hearing heavy footsteps coming from the ceiling. A retired police officer provided some information, and that their house was built on the former site of a rifle range, and that soldiers during the time wore heavy, bulky combat boots. The spirit violently attacked Patricia Bean, and possibly caused her illness that later resulted in her death.

Appearance Edit

Edward Zipprian has bloody wounds possibly from a rifle that backfired which was common between the 1860's to the 1900's.

Behavior Edit

Edward Zipprian is shown to attack Patrica the mother of Bill Bean, as a result of dying a bitter, and angry man.

Abilities/Powers Edit

  • Possession- it is likely that George became possessed by the spirit, and the fact his personality changed, and that he began developing a drinking problem
  • Teleportation