''Edward Warren Miney''' (September 7, 1926 – August 23, 2006) and '''Lorraine Rita Warren''' (née '''Moran''', born January 31, 1927) were American Ghost hunting|paranormal investigators and authors associated with prominent cases of hauntings. Edward was a World War II United States Navy veteran and former police officer who became a self-taught and self-professed demonologist, author, and lecturer. Lorraine professes to be clairvoyant and a light trance Mediumship medium who worked closely with her husband.

In 1952, the Warrens founded the '''New England Society for Psychic Research''', the oldest ghost hunting group in New England Ghost Hunters of New England They authored numerous books about the paranormal and about their private investigations into various reports of paranormal activity. They claimed to have investigated over 10,000 cases during their career. The Warrens were among the very first investigators in the controversial The Amityville Horror Amityville haunting. According to the Warrens, the N.E.S.P.R. uses a variety of individuals, including medical doctors, researchers, police officers, nurses, college students, and members of the clergy in its investigations.

Notable Cases Edit

Annabelle Edit

According to the Warrens, in 1968, two roommates claimed their Raggedy Ann doll was possessed by the spirit of a young girl named Annabelle Higgins. The Warrens took the doll, telling the roommates it was "being manipulated by an inhuman presence", and put it on display at the family's "Occult Museum". The horror films ''Annabelle (film)|Annabelle'', ''The Conjuring'', and ''Annabelle: Creation'' are loosely based on the Warrens' story.

The Amittyville Horror Edit

The Warrens are probably best known for their involvement in the 1976 Amityville Horror case in which New York couple George and Kathy Lutz claimed that their house was haunted by a violent, demonic presence so intense that it eventually drove them out of their home. ''The Amityville Horror Conspiracy'' authors Stephen and Roxanne Kaplan characterized the case as a "hoax". Lorraine Warren told a reporter for ''[The Express-Times newspaper that the Amityville Horror was not a hoax. The reported haunting was the basis for the 1977 book ''The Amityville Horror'' and adapted into the [[The Amityville Horror (1979 film)|1979]] and The Amityville Horror (2005 film)|2005 movies of the same name, while also serving as inspiration for the The Amityville Horror (film series)|film series that followed. The Warrens' version of events is partially adapted and portrayed in the opening sequence of ''[[The Conjuring 2'' (2016).  According to [[Benjamin Radford]], the story was "refuted by eyewitnesses, investigations and forensic evidence". In 1979, lawyer William Weber reportedly stated that he, Jay Anson, and the occupants "invented" the horror story "over many bottles of wine". 'Amityville Horror 'amplified over bottles of wine

Snedeker House Edit

In 1986, Ed and Lorraine Warren arrived and proclaimed the Snedeker house, a former funeral home, to be infested with demons. The case was featured in the 1992 book ''In a Dark Place: The Story of a True Haunting.'' A TV movie that later became part of the Discovery Channel series ''[[A Haunting]]'' was produced in 2002. ''The Haunting in Connecticut'', a film very loosely based on the Warrens' version of events and directed by Peter Cornwell, was released in 2009. Horror author Ray Garton, who wrote an account of the alleged haunting of the Snedeker family in Southington, Connecticut, later called into question the veracity of the accounts contained in his book, saying: "The family involved, which was going through some serious problems like alcoholism and drug addiction, could not keep their story straight, and I became very frustrated; it's hard writing a non-fiction book when all the people involved are telling you different stories".

Media Appearances Edit

* Ed and Lorraine appeared in the first episode of ''The Challenge (TV series)The Challenge'', then titled ''Road Rules: All Stars''. In the episode, they tasked alumni from ''The Real World'' to spend the night in a haunted mental hospital in Connecticut and prove the existence of the ghosts there.

* Lorraine was featured in several episodes of the Discovery series ''[[A Haunting]]'', in which she discusses some of the cases the pair worked on as Ghost hunting|paranormal investigators.

* Lorraine also appeared on ''Paranormal State'', where she acted as a guest investigator.

* Both Ed and Lorraine have appeared on ''Scariest Places on Earth''.

* Lorraine has a cameo appearance in the 2013 film ''The Conjuring'', where she is also credited as a consultant.

* Lorraine is visited during the 2012 documentary film ''My Amityville Horror'', where she reunites with Daniel Lutz, whose family was allegedly plagued by supernatural happenings in 1975. Ed and Lorraine Warren originally visited the house after the Lutz family fled the house after 28 days of occupancy.