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Cody Foster


Cody Foster is the secondary antagonist, the son who interacted with a demon, known as Man, in the episode, Demon Child.

Synopsis Edit

In "Demon Child", young Cody Foster befriends Man, which is seemingly the spirit of a six-year old boy. When his parents ask Cody about Man he tells them that Man was kidnapped, tortured, and killed by a stranger before being buried behind the park which the family regularly visits.

Cody begins to spend all his time with Man; he also lets Man tell him to do bad things like urinate in his closet and cut up his teddy bear. After a while his mother, Jan, has had enough and contacts a family friend who happens to be an Native American Shaman. The friend tells her to bless the house in order to rid it of Man's spirit. After she blesses the house, Cody stops talking and playing with Man, and his behavior settles. Three months later, he begins to talk to Man again, much to Jan's horror. Cody also seems to be coming under possession of Man; one day while staying with Jan's cousin, he terrifies the cousin's daughter by making toys float in the air and talking in a deep, monstrous voice.

Jan, out of desperation, gets up the nerve to enter Cody's room to see what he has been going through for herself. Cody seemingly appears at the doorway and she embraces him. Much to her shock, a horrific, demonic entity grows out of his body and attacks her. She screams until it vanishes, with Cody returning to his normal being and the rest of the family running to her aid. Unaware of what happened to her, Jan tells the family to go back to bed. She then apologizes to Cody, telling him that she now understands what Man has been putting him through. 

The next morning, Jan contacts the Shaman, telling him that Man is in fact a demon. The Shaman informs Jan that she must carry out another ritual, however this time she must be very forceful and show no fear. She reluctantly goes ahead with the ritual, which successfully banishes Man from the home forever.


  • Teleportation (formerly) - When in contact with Man, through him, Cody could teleport from one spot to another. When the demon was banished, he lost this ability.
  • Telekinesis (formerly) - When in contact with Man, through him, Cody could move objects with his mind. When the demon was banished, he lost this ability.