Arnold Hinshaw", is the main antagonist and the former owner of the Summerwind Mansion. While living in the home he became possessed and became increasingly angry and withdrawn due to having a mental breakdown. He also used to own a construction company which he lost since he stopped showing up to work which resulted in unpaid bills, he slept all day long and became more obsessed with playing the piano all night. He also blamed the daughters for minor mishaps like one occasion he became aggressive towards the girls thinking he took his hammer, when they actually didn't take it. He made the daughters go outside in the middle of the night to find their pet raccoon, when he actually killed their pet raccoon as a punishment. His family left after his ex-wife Ginger called her father to get them, and this was the last time the family saw Arnold. He left Summerwind the next day and was placed in a mental hospital for treatment for his mental illness. It is also said that Arnold was never heard from again.


  • In real life, he was sent somewhere to receive treatment of a mental breakdown and it was during this time his family left the mansion.[1][2][3]