A Haunting in Florida is the Season 2 finale in A Haunting. Edit

Synopsis Edit

Edd a retired Army Ranger and his wife Beth Dunnam find themselves what they believe to be the perfect home in Deltona, Florida. Only to learn that the house was mysteriously abandoned by the previous owners finding half eaten food, spoiled food left in the refrigerator in addition to the owners belongings. Despite this the family decides to move in. They are also expecting a child together who will be born in a few months. Within days, Beth begins to feel down whenever she is by herself. After several paranormal sightings,One of an elderly lady, and another of a cigar smoking man. the couple realizes that something is haunting their house. Edd tries reacting angrily at the spirits in an attempt to scare them away, but little does he realize that his anger is only giving them more to feed on. The family eventually leaves the house one night and never returns.

Cast Edit

  • Anthony Call- Himself (Narrator)
  • Scott Graham- Edd Dunnam
  • Rayna Favinger- Dusty Smith
  • Kelly Weaver- Herself (Psychic Medium)
  • Dusty Smith- Herself (Paranormal Investigator)
  • Beth Dunnam- Herself
  • Edd Dunnam- Himself
  • Matt Dunnam- Himself

Trivia Edit

  • The ghost of the man with the cigar was actually murdered in the house in life he was apparently friends with the elderly lady who also haunts the house owned the Dunnam's house, and the man visited the lady to play cards, and also liked to wear red flannel shirts, and smoking cigars.
  • A child was accidentally killed in the street in front of the house

Release Edit

This episode was released on September 28th 2006

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Man with Cigar


The Actual House

Elderly lady spirit

Elderly Lady who died in the house